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Megan is a true healer and I look forward to my appointments with her! I have seen Megan off and on for a couple of years and can not thank her enough for helping me with my shoulder pain and fertility issues. From the minute you walk in the room she makes you feel at home, listens, and treats the whole body using a variety of techniques. I am lucky to have found Megan! 🙂

Stephanie, 35

Wild Sage and Megan has been instrumental in helping me with fertility challenges and digestive issues. I’ve been going through ART and it hasn’t been until I started getting treated by Megan that I have been able to actually turn around some of the low fertility numbers I’ve had, and even more importantly, have gained new hope. She gave me a detailed plan for my fertility and digestion issues and continues to adjust as different variables come along. I continue to put in the work and follow the plan with Megan’s guidance and I can see real results. It’s been an amazing experience! The ambiance of the clinic is extremely relaxing and beautiful and Nicole is always there with a big smile to greet me. I would definitely recommend Wild Sage to anyone! Thanks Megan and Nicole!


Fitness Instructor | Sound Healer

Acupuncture with Megan at Wild Sage has been a game changer for me! It’s so relaxing and I feel rested and rejuvenated every time I visit. It’s worth every penny and I feel like it reboots my system when I have a treatment. The office is clean and private, and I feel safe and cared for with Megan. She’s friendly, professional, highly credentialed and I’ve referred several friends to Wild Sage — and they love her too! You can’t go wrong with Wild Sage. Try it! You will probably like it as much as I do!

I always feel like a new man when I leave.
I highly recommend Megan. Megan is a miracle worker and truly cares about your well being.

Steve, 55

Construction Worker

Regular acupuncture has helped me with some chronic pain and tension. Megan has both been compassionate and knowledgeable … Terrific listener. Highly recommend!

Samantha, 52


I love acupuncture with Megan she is extremely caring and loving person. She wants to hear what has gone on for you since your last treatment to help her determine how to make the most out of the present visit.

If you are looking for a place to go for acupuncture Wild Sage is your place.

Melissa, 49

Systems Analyst

I can’t say enough great things about Megan. If I tried in this review, it would become a novel. Megan is a true healer and I told her this during my session today when she asked how I’ve been doing. I’ve been seeing Megan for a couple of years now. I was at my wits’ end dealing with pain and anxiety then I met Megan. After the first session I truly felt I found my healer. She made me feel completely comfortable and I could tell she genuinely cared about my well-being. Megan has such a bright light that surrounds her, just being around her is a joy. I truly am eternally grateful for her and how she has given me hope and my life back. You WILL NOT regret seeing Megan.

If you are looking for a place to go for acupuncture Wild Sage is your place.



I love Wild Sage acupuncture! The treatment space is so calming and relaxing. Megan had such a sweet demeanor and is so nice to work with. I came in for hormonal challenging and neck pain and I’ve already seen results with only a few sessions. I’m happy to promote this place, because I’ve truly seen positive results!


Megan will change your life! She is patient, understanding and respectful of anything your bring her to work on. She explains her process simply and precisely and makes sure you are comfortable. I have seen quick results and am so excited to continue on my journey with her help.


After chemo for breast cancer, I became disabled with a progressive muscular disorder that causes my muscles to stiffen and spasm, resulting in pain and mobility issues that require a walker or wheelchair to get around. I also suffer from a number of other side effects due to chemotherapy.
Before coming to Megan, I had seen a few different acupuncturists. They were all good, but none of them were able to effectively treat me the way Megan has. I’ve seen numerous neurologists who couldn’t do anything. It wasn’t until I came in to see Megan that I finally found someone who can help me. Megan’s acupuncture treatments loosen my muscles and help me to move so much better than I would otherwise be able to. There have been times when my husband has had to practically carry me in, because I couldn’t even stand erect. In the past when I experienced an issue like this, I would end up confined to bed for a week or more. Megan was able to find a way to stop my muscles from stiffening, and I was able to walk out with only my walker, relieved from both the spasticity and the pain.
Her acupuncture treats my pain much better than any pain pill ever could. I used to have several hot flashes a day, but acupuncture has reduced these significantly. Her treatments have also been very helpful in treating my anxiety.
My husband has remarked on several occasions that he drops me off at Wild Sage Acupuncture looking sickly and when he picks me up, I look healthy and vibrant. That is certainly how I feel after a session with Megan. My muscles feel relaxed, my mind feels calm and peaceful and I feel like I am the best that I can be in this body. I am so thankful to her and recommend her highly.

Tracie, 41

Former Horse Trainer

My husband, Joe Hopper, has had remarkable results with Megan. He was diagnosed with Sciatica and did the recommended physical therapy. After each treatment he could to barely walk to his truck to drive home. Then he tried a recommended chiropractor and again, could hardly walk. He was in more pain than before these recommended treatments. He started seeing Megan for his Sciatica a few months ago. After his first visit with Megan he walked to his truck with no pain. The pain he had has been reduced considerably. Megan noticed that his ankles were swollen so Joe went to see his doctor. It was caused by the Ibuprofen he was taking for his pain. I would highly recommend Wild Sage and Megan!
Debra, Joe's Husband

Race Car Driver

I have been getting acupuncture from Megan exclusively for over 2 years at this point. She is very kind, understanding, knowledgeable, passionate and professional. With her new clinic she has brought all those attributes and created a special experience. I have never had any other clinician listen so thoughtfully to what I’m trying to get out of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. She has introduced me to herbal remedies that have solved my chronic breathing/allergies issues as well as anxiety. I am thankful I found her and look forward to watching her business and community grow.


Fire Fighter

Megan is a true healer. I’ve suffered from migraines for a long time and struggled finding a remedy. I was having three to four severe migraines a week before Megan. It was so hard to function. Since seeing Megan (two years now) I’ve had one major migraine (and it was because I didn’t make time to see Megan – lesson learned!) She’s also helped treat my anxiety, a torn IT band, and anything I’ve come to her for help and healing. She does cupping as well and I’ve found so much relief in that, more than massages. I highly recommend Megan, she’ll make your experience personal and peaceful and provide the healing you need.



I came to see Megan in hopes of using acupuncture to induce labor for me. I had only a 3 day window before a scheduled induction. It was definitely a short window but Megan made me go into natural labor in 2 days!!! I recommend everyone coming here to see her, she’s a miracle worker for sure! She knows exactly what she’s doing (:


I highly recommend Megan and wild sage. When I first went to her I’d gotten off of birth control and hadn’t had a regular period in almost two years. My period either didn’t come or came heavily for too many days. After just a few treatments my period came back and I’ve had it regularly (5 day cycles every 30 days) ever since, almost two years at this point. I can count on it like clockwork. I had a couple months where my period was exceptionally painful and I visited Megan and my following periods were back to normal. I personally had no idea that acupuncture could be such a huge help with menstrual cycles before meeting Megan, but it’s been a game changer for me. When I decide it’s time for me to try to get pregnancy I will 100% be visiting her to help make sure everything is on track. I’m one grateful customer!


I got surprised on my first time, Megan the healer do a great job, I suffer a tension headache, back pain and anxiety. After 1 hrs relaxing i walk out with a better feeling and ache free.

Juan, 47

Cement Worker

Megan is amazing! I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with her and the help she offered me. I originally started seeing her at another location and followed her as she moved into her own practice. I have seen her for a variety of things, from autoimmune to physical conditions, and she has always been very knowledgeable about treatment options and supplements. I love that she has a variety of expertise and approaches that may be helpful. Highly recommend!



Megan has a gentle, powerful and intentional technique. She’s a brilliant and gifted healer; thoughtful advocate for your health.

Ylva, 41


Megan is SOO wonderful! I have been seeing her for about 8 months now, and I absolutely love going to see her. Megan is full of empathy and compassion, is such a great listener, and is so welcoming. She is full of knowledge, and has done so much for my physical and mental health. I started seeing her for women’s health issues, and after seeing her for only about 6 weeks, I had my first natural period in years. She has created a beautiful, welcoming space, with the kindest staff, and is truly a joy to be working with.

Insurance Agent

I’m so grateful for Wild Sage Acupuncture! Megan takes the time to understand my body and symptoms to provide me with a plan to treat the root cause, not just the symptoms. I feel heard and respected at Wild Sage. My treatment has required patience and diligence with my plan, but I recognize that changing how your body has been functioning isn’t an easy task. Megan is encouraging and helpful with solutions from every angle.


Megan has been amazing so far. She is careful in her technique, knowledgeable in her analysis, and has a very warm and inviting office. I cannot recommend her enough!

Steven, 38


Megan is a wonderful healer. The only extended relief with my current ankle injury is after a session. The space she has created is very soothing.


Productions Management

Megan is a brilliant, kind, and attentive provider. She creates a healing and positive experience. She’s an excellent listener. The clinic is clean, restful, warm, and inviting. Definitely recommending Wild Sage to all of of my friends and family.



I’ve been trying to resolve knee pain due to inflammation from two surgeries for 10 years. Six weeks of acupuncture and it is resolved! Megan is a fantastic listener and an intuitive healer. I love that she offers treatment for more than the knee pain based on what I need that day. The practice is peaceful, welcoming and relaxing. Highly recommend you give Wild Sage a visit.

Megan healed me in ways I didn’t know I needed in addition to what I did need. She helped alleviate the digestion, gastric, menstrual and migraine issues I came to her for. And along the way she helped me overcome some of my biggest anxieties and insecurities. Her expertise and calming demeanor make all the difference! I will forever be thankful I found Megan & her practice.