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shamanic energy healing

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is an energy healing ceremony for a way of calling ourselves back home and welcoming the light back to the whole authentic self. Soul loss occurs when a part of us separates from our essential self, in psychologically we might call this disassociation, or medically this could look like shock. This is usually a coping response to a trauma, be it an accident, injury, abusive situation, living through the pandemic, war, the loss of a loved one, etc. When we are traumatized it is too painful, or perhaps it is safer, for us not to be fully present to the situation. A soul retrieval ceremony can help the lost parts or essences of our wholeness return and be integrated back into our lives. This is done through a journey that I, as the practitioner, take on your behalf.  It is an energy healing done remotely from the comfort of our own homes.

If you experience any of the following on a near-daily basis Soul Retrieval/Energy Healing Ceremony may be right for you:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Loss of Purpose/Direction
  • Feel held back, stuck or stunted in your personal growth
  • Feeling distance from yourself lately

Each life involves an essential errand; not simply the task of survival, but a life-mission embedded in the soul from the beginning. – Michael Meade