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We Are In This Together

We strive to make your life genuinely better. By truly listening to your story we create a healing relationship that can last years. When you deal with struggles and challenges in your life whether it be chronic pain or emotional upheaval we are here as a sounding board while providing the highest quality healthcare we have to offer: mind body spirit medicine.  

Healing Powers You ALREADY Possess.

Our bodies are AMAZING at regenerating and healing and yet sometimes they have to be told what to do to accomplish a specific goal. Your cells and bloodstream are already equipped with the natural opioids and endorphins necessary for pain relief and our therapies mobilize them to assist where we want them to go.

Healing Helpers

Our medicines are natural and holistically derived from the healing power of nature. We rise above the western medical model that offers limited solutions. Our time-tested therapies support your body’s natural healing powers to reduce pain, manage stress and anxiety, and address underlying illness, helping you genuinely feel better. No more expensive surgery or pharmaceutical medicines that are very hard on the body.

Holistic Medicine Means YOU

So much of today’s medical care involves complex numbers, values, and tests that give a reading to the doctor about your health.  As helpful as these can be, WE focus on YOU- what you feel, how you relate to your pain and illness, how you sleep at night, how strong is your mental focus, your digestion, your sense of fulfillment in life. All of it matters!

Emotional Well Being is a PRIORITY

We address the mental and emotional aspects of your experience every time you visit us. Our minds feel the burdens of anxiety, depression and worries. The treatments we offer will calm and relax you, help you feel like yourself, and support joy in your life. We also teach you simple and effective tools to take home that will enhance your self-care regimen if you would like to learn more.

 Get Back At It!

We know that life has its special demands and TIME is the most precious of commodities. Our treatments do not require much time commitment in-office unless that is something you truly enjoy. Most treatments can be accomplished in less than 45 minutes to get you back to work, with the kids, or on to that mountain trail.



Private In-Depth Consultation

At your free initial consultation, you’ll meet with your clinician to discuss your case, your medical history, any medications you’re taking, and most importantly YOUR GOALS.  We want to be certain that our program is going to meet your needs and that there is a HIGH probability of success for you – BEFORE we move forward to the next step.


Customized Treatment Plan

Once your free consultation is complete, and we agree to move forward, your next step is the Intake Appointment. At this appointment, possibly the same day as your free consultation, your clinician will do a detailed assessment of your symptom pattern, medical history, and other factors to determine the root cause of your issue and devise a specific plan.

Your first acupuncture session will be performed at this time, and a you will be given a treatment plan with exact, easy-to-follow instructions. Your treatment plan will address the root of YOUR complaints.


Active Treatment/Symptom Resolution

You’ll return for once or twice-weekly visits to ensure close support as you begin to feel the positive shifts of the therapy. We want to make sure your treatment plan is yielding the expected results.

You will receive acupuncture at each visit to ensure that your nervous system is rebalancing in a way that results in optimal well being.


Ongoing Support to Ensure You Are Pain-Free

Once we see stable improvements, we will begin to reduce the frequency of visits. Initially you’ll come every other week, then once a month for a couple of visits, then you may no longer need regular treatments.

We’ll be here in case you ever want to come in for a tune-up or to address other health concerns.

​Of course, MANY of our patients wish to continue with “ongoing maintenance” and we are happy to work that out with you, should that be your wish.


Helping Family and Friends

We pride ourselves in the fact that 80% of our new patients are referred to us by other patients or people in the community who have witnessed their friends and loved ones receive life-changing benefits from our work. We very much look forward to helping YOUR friends, family and loved ones on THEIR journey to a more joyful, energetic, purposeful life.

Also, our clinic is designed for family members or friends to come together to receive our powerful treatments in the same treatment room if you like. Make it a family affair!

Why Our Natural Therapies Work So Well

We Address the Root Cause

Our process includes ending the actual root CAUSE of your problems. Whether your issues stem from chronic inflammation or hormonal imbalance we have a way of assessing disease that leads to very clear treatment strategies. This is why so many have found relief with us although other therapies didn’t work.

We Use an All-Natural Approach Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About

Your doctor may have told you that you have to live with your medical condition or “this is as good as it gets”. That doesn’t mean there’s no treatment, it just means your doctor has run out of ideas or there aren’t conventional treatments available. We see people who don’t respond well to conventional treatment often respond very well to our natural approach.

We Keep it Simple

Healing does not have to be diffcult although difficulties are experienced in pain and disease. Simple lifestyle and diet changes, along with our targeted natural therapies, are a very clear and concise way to attack the problem head on. All our approaches will make sense to you and help you return to more harmony with nature’s laws.

We Awaken Your Body’s Natural Healing System

Despite what you may have been led to believe, your body is not “broken” and it IS possible to heal. That’s because your body never forgets how to heal itself. It just needs the right support. Your body makes its own anti-inflammatory substances, painkillers, hormones, and our therapies help it do just that.

A Powerful Combination of Therapies

Gentle Acupuncture

Acupuncture is simple. It is effective. And it works.

A powerful, natural therapy to stimulate your innate healing force as well as address the mind and body simultaneously.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a safe traditional treatment that helps resolve chronic muscle tightness and pain faster than massage therapy alone.

Internal Medicine

As a patient you are carefully assessed to see how our personlized herbal and nutritional support may best serve you.

Lifestyle Support

Powerful stress reduction and relaxation techniques to increase mindfulness and support wholehearted living.

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