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Men’s Health

Acupuncture & Holistic Treatments for Men’s Physical and Mental Health

Men have their own unique needs when it comes to healthcare.

We specialize in helping men achieve their healthcare goals to optimize physical health, reduce acute and chronic pain,  combat the stress of overwork, and improve male factor fertility.

Our natural and effective therapies and treatment plans have restored men’s lives, provided relief, and renewed hope in healthcare.

A Comprehensive Approach

Men’s bodies and how they feel are deeply influenced by various factors. Health conditions can impact wellbeing by influencing muscle tension, metabolism, nervous system stability, energy levels, weight management, sleep quality, and mood stability.

Our treatment strategies offer a comprehensive and effective approach to alleviate even the most challenging symptoms associated with men’s health.

If you suspect underlying health conditions or lifestyle factors are affecting your well-being, let’s have a conversation to see how we can help!

Megan Sewell, LAc

Our Support is Holistic

We Have Solutions for These Common Men’s Health Conditions:

Physical Pain

Stress / Tension

Occupational stress/burnout




Weight Gain



Fertility Enhancement:

Low sperm count (includes morphology and motility)

Sperm quality

Low Libido



Enlarged Prostate

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