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IUI Support

Acupuncture & Holistic Treatment Options for Women Looking to Improve Success of IUI

Get a Concise, Easy to Follow, Expert IUI Success Plan.

Make sure your next cycle counts with our support and guidance that dramatically improves chances of a successful pregnancy.

Let us help YOUR baby get here.

A Comprehensive Approach

Our treatment strategies provide a complete and effective framework to increase IUI outcomes.

Support Optimal Egg Quality, Reduce Systemic Inflammation, and Improve Blood Flow to the Ovaries and Uterus.

Also, we not only ensure your biology is strong and clear, it’s also about a calm and strong mind. We listen to your story, ask pertinent questions, and asses lab results – all so we can uncover and address your needs HOLISTICALLY.

Acupuncture does not conflict with conventional medical fertility treatments and can serve as complementary to the recommendations of your OB/GYN, Midwife, or Fertility Specialist.

Wild Sage Acupuncture Featured by

Utah Infertility Resource Center:

Our IUI Support is Comprehensive and Clear


Precisely selected supplements, easy-to-follow nutrition plans, and expert fertility acupuncture restores your reproductive axis to full strength by optimizing Egg Quality & Uterine Receptivity.


Highly specialized treatments before and after IUI procedures ensure the maximum amount of energy, growth, and mitochondrial function of the eggs during this critical phase. The result is increased fertilization rates which lead to higher probability of success.


The ultimate goal is not just a healthy embryo, it is stabilization of the pregnancy, and soon, delivery of your healthy baby.  We’re always confident we can help.

We’ve Helped People With These And Other Challenges Have Babies With IVF

 Low AMH

 High FSH

 Poor Egg Quality



 Over 40

 Multiple Failed Cycles

Get a Concise, Easy to Follow, Expert IUI-Success Plan 

Ensure Maximum Egg Quality with Precise, Specialized Acupuncture

We’ll help you make sure your eggs receive all the oxygen and nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong with specific, highly effective acupuncture designed to optimize blood flow into the ovaries.

The result is higher fertilization rates and more healthy embryos.

Exceptional, Expert Nutrition & Supplement Support Along the Way

Know exactly which supplements to take, how much of each, and the exact dietary roadmap YOU need for success, based on successful IUI outcomes of our patients.

Reduce the Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm Often Triggered by IUI

Once you’ve entered the realm of IUI, almost everyone experiences some anxiety, and many experience severe anxiety that interferes with work, relationships, and daily life.

Mind-body exercises, meditations, and lifestyle guidance leverage the amazing power of the mind and emotions to restore balance, peace and ease, which in turn, enhance your receptivity to pregnancy.


Stop The Uncertainty and Endless Research

You want to know you’re doing the right things. And, you’re probably doing daily research trying to find out what those things are, only to become more confused and uncertain by the mountains of different advice. That ends when you become our patient.

Get Compassionate, Caring Support From Real Experts

We’ll never judge or dismiss you, regardless of your age, diagnosis, or any other factor & you can always expect us to give our best efforts to help you. Period.

And… because of our long track record and unmatched experience, we know how to help you navigate the often distressing and difficult road infertility can be.

The body’s innate ability for self-healing

Successful IUI goals are not only about making sure your biology is strong and clear, it’s also about clarity and strength of mind and spirit. Your body has everything it needs to heal and strengthen, we give it that support.

Comfortable, Clean, Safe

You can trust our dedicated commitment to excellence as our facility prioritizes safety and professionalism. With patient comfort at the forefront, we’ve created a soothing and inviting atmosphere for your healing, ensuring a wonderful visit each time.

Not ready to dive into our Fertility Enhancement Program in-person just yet?


Maybe acupuncture isn’t something you are ready to try or perhaps aren’t living in SLC?

You can still learn what I call the “Non-Negotiables” in Fertility self care in my Self-Directed Course: Soul-Inpsired Fertility – Enrich the Inner Journey.

Connect with yourself, improve your fertility, enhance hormonal strength, and increase your chances of success all from the comfort of your home!

About Megan

With a rich history in holistic healing and medical training, I specialize in women’s health and reproductive medicine because there is SO MUCH to offer in the realm of alternative medicine, and what makes it more powerful is an integrated mind-body approach.

I see women every day in my acupuncture clinic in various stages of their fertility journey. I am here to listen to your goals, seek to understand the underlying causes of your infertility, and create a path forward that strengthens your body’s reproductive function.

Most women I work with, at one point or another, express the difficulty of the emotional roller coaster that comes each month they do not conceive. I understand the emotional needs as well as the physical needs of my patients. I am here to offer you a safe and comfortable environment to improve your fertility success.