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Acupuncture & Holistic Treatment Options for Women Suffering the Many Complications of Endometriosis

Looking for a Natural Way to Address the Root Cause of Endometriosis?

Our Proven, All-Natural, Hormone-Free Treatment Process Leads To Significant Reduction In Pain, Inflammation, and Heavy Bleeding In Just 1-3 Weeks

A Comprehensive Approach

Our treatment strategies provide a complete and effective framework to eliminate even the most difficult symptoms of Endometriosis.

Endometriosis can destabilize the entire endocrine system, metabolic system, and central nervous system leading to irregular cycles, infertility, abdominal / pelvic pain, weight gain, and mood challenges.

Our Endometriosis Support is Comprehensive


We’ll help you gently cleanse and detoxify excess hormones and hormonal disruptors so your body’s natural balance can be restored.


We’ll restore healthy metabolism and your natural cycle rhythm so you feel energetic, lose unwanted weight, and end the other symptoms of your Endometriosis.


We’ll give you a simple self-care plan you can follow long-term (in fact, for the rest of your life) to keep Endometriosis from ever coming back.

And No More Of These Common Symptoms Of Endometriosis:

Acne and Skin Flares

Unwanted Weight Gain Or Loss

Irregular Periods

Hot Flashes & Night Sweats


Hair Thinning Or Unwanted Hair Growth

Low Libido


No More Fatigue & Low Energy

Endometriosis Pain causes cells and organs to work overtime, leading to energy drain and a feeling of fatigue.

We’ll give your cells and organs the support they need to rest and rejuvenate, eliminating fatigue and restoring youthful vitality.

No More Sleepless Or Restless Nights

One of the most troublesome features of Endometriosis Pain is how it can dysregulate the sleep cycle, leading to difficulties falling and staying asleep.

Our in-office treatments plus targeted medicinals quickly and effectively restore regular, restful sleep, without the risk of dependency.

No More Sluggish Metabolism

Changes in metabolism almost always accompany Endometriosis Pain, and can cause metabolic alterations that lead to unwanted weight gain or loss, among other things.

With easy-to-follow dietary shifts tailored to your unique constitution, healthy metabolism is quickly and effectively restored, and any unwanted weight changes eliminated.

Our Program 

Acupuncture for Pain Relief

Acupuncture is simple. It is effective. And it works.

A powerful and natural therapy to stimulate your innate healing force to naturally balance hormones and eliminate pain.

Nutrition & Supplement Support

Diet is EXTREMELY important to manage Endometriosis and our proven method gives you the knowledge and power to see changes quickly.

As a patient you are carefully assessed to see how our personlized herbal and supplement support may best serve you.

Reduce the Stress Often Triggered by Endometriosis

Powerful stress reduction and relaxation techniques to increase mindfulness and support wholehearted living.

About Megan

With a rich history in holistic healing and medical training, I specialize in women’s health and reproductive medicine because there is SO MUCH to offer in the realm of alternative medicine, and what makes it more powerful is an integrated mind-body approach.

I see women every day in my acupuncture clinic in various stages of their hormonal journey. I am here to listen to your goals, seek to understand the underlying causes of your imbalances, and create a path forward that strengthens your body’s function.

Most women I work with, at one point or another, express the difficulty of the emotional roller coaster that comes with women’s health troubles. I understand the emotional needs as well as the physical needs of my patients. I am here to offer you a safe and comfortable environment to heal.