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gavin whiting
gavin whiting
Megan is absolutely amazing at what she does. I have had major issues with my hands and dealing with arthritis and tendonitis. She has been able to help me with keeping my hands pain free are really breaking up the areas that are difficult to get into. My hands are my lively hood and Megan has helped me continue to be able to work and maintain my life. I was terrified of needles and she made acupuncture one of the most enjoyable experiences. She is also just an amazing person who actually cares about her patients.
Kate Bradshaw
Kate Bradshaw
I highly recommend Megan at Wild Sage Acupuncture for any wellness needs, and especially for fertility support. I started working with Megan in July 2022 after trying to conceive for over a year. She listened to my story, history, concerns, and desired outcomes. From my initial appointment, she established a treatment protocol and there was always open communication about my needs and the support that she would be providing. She is extremely knowledgable in the inter-workings of the body and the way that various supplements can detract from or support healing in various ways. She was a great consult when I was trying to balance my hormones. Through acupuncture, she was able to help my body regulate, and I was able to conceive in November 2022 (miscarriage) and again in January 2023. She was able to see me the day I began miscarrying and was an incredible emotional and physical support during that time. She helped my body heal faster in order to conceive again quickly. I have no doubt that working with Megan propelled my healing and enabled me to conceive. I have continued to work with her throughout pregnancy as various symptoms arise. Megan is very professional and also exudes the most warm and loving energy. I have always felt heard and supported in her care. I would recommend her clinic and her services to anyone wanting support through fertility, or any other health issue. I will always consider her a critical member of my care team.
Glen B
Glen B
I have been going to Wild Sage Acupuncture for several weeks now. Megan and Chris treat you like family. Chris works diligently to make sure I get the best possible appointment time for my schedule each week. Megan listens intently to what exactly my physical needs are and develops a plan to optimize the potential for success. I workout regularly at the gym and had plateaued due to some setbacks, but am currently seeing progress again each week. I absolutely recommend using Wild Sage Acupuncture. They are the epitome of great service!
Curt Allen
Curt Allen
Wild Sage Acupuncture was overall excellent. It was my first experience with acupuncture, and I am now a believer. It was a very good experience; alleviating my lingering sciatica pain. Megan the owner took care of it quickly and effectively. Her studio is very nice and her care was excellent making the overall experience quite pleasant and easy to go to the appointments. She is professional yet warm - concise and effective. I was very impressed and I would definitely recommend Wild Sage acupuncture to family and friends suffering from a seemingly wide array of ailments. CVA
Tiffany Fife
Tiffany Fife
I had not tried acupuncture before and my experience with Megan and Wild Sage Acupuncture has far exceeded what I thought my acupuncture experience would be. I had chronic pain in my right shoulder which I knew I wanted to address. After the initial consultation with Megan and having a better understanding of her wisdom, I also chose to address concerns with my mood, and metabolism. I have been provided with a treatment plan so I can reference my goals and understand the why's of the treatment. Lifestyle choices have been recommended along with supplements and meditaions. Within my first 2 treatments I began to notice a difference in my mood. My mind became calm and I found day to day tasks became easier as my mind became less cluttered. The nagging pain in my right shoulder has subsided significantly! Overall with Megan's assistance, I have seen results that have positively effected my everyday life experience. The treatments and advice I have received at Wild Sage Acupuncture have greatly accelerated my well being and I feel so supported by the approach and expertise. I feel Megan is truly an advocate for healing!
Kathryn Chong
Kathryn Chong
Megan and Chris are both wonderful to be around. Megan has such extensive knowledge of her craft and makes you feel at ease when coming in for your appointment. I had 6 sessions with her and my sore arm I would get during physical therapy felt better each time I left her care. I have a partial torn tendon and the acupuncture has definitely helped it heal. Thank you!
Olivia Johnson
Olivia Johnson
Absolutely incredible experience. Megan is so attentive, intuitive, and knowledgeable. After her treatments I have felt so much relief. She has so much experience and is so present during our sessions. I couldn’t recommend her enough!
Emily Judd
Emily Judd
If I could give Megan 100 stars I would! She is the absolute best and has helped me twice now to get through some difficult hormonal issues as well as anxiety & depression. I recommend her to everyone I know for any issues they’re dealing with.
Brooke Walk
Brooke Walk
Wild sage is great! Megan is so kind and really cares about her clients and definitely knows what she is doing! I came in hopes of helping my fertility. I had struggled with infertility for 10+ years. After just a few sessions I ended up conceiving the old fashion way for the first time in a decade! If you are struggling with infertility I’d definitely recommend seeing Megan!
Arlene Samen
Arlene Samen
Dr. Sewell cured my peripheral neuropathy in one session! It was so painful I could not sleep. All my doctors had no idea why i had neuropathy! She is fantastic!. She is kind and compassionate!

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